The products of specialty coffee shop equipment are highly diverse, and depending on the café owner's needs, each of them can be purchased. In this article, we intend to guide you from A to Z on the necessary equipment for a coffee shop, how to maintain and use them. Stay with us until the end of this article.

Today, many people have developed a strong interest in coffee and its various types, to the extent that many are heavily dependent on this beverage and must start their day with a cup of coffee.
Due to this strong interest in coffee, both small and large coffee shops have emerged in big and small cities, offering different menus. The need for producing various coffee shop equipment has increased accordingly.
Recently, many factories and commercial companies have turned to producing or exporting coffee shop equipment, ushering in a new season in the realm of industrial equipment for coffee shops.

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Comprehensive shopping list for coffee shop equipment along with prices

Certainly, the most comprehensive list of equipment for coffee shops may not be the same for everyone, as it depends on the menu, budget, startup goals, and more. For instance, a coffee shop that specializes in a limited variety of coffees will require a reduced budget and specific equipment needs.
Buying coffee shop equipment is heavily dependent on individuals' budgets, and purchasing low-quality equipment in some cases can harm your business. Below is a list of specialized products necessary for coffee shops:

    • Coffee machine
    • chiler, frizer, barcooler
    • ice cream machine
    • coffee grinder
    • blender
    • juice dispencer

Coffee machine

Coffee machines are produced in various types and sizes, each of which is used for specific purposes.

Among the most important coffee machines are:


Simonelli appia Life Coffee Machine

Simonelli appia Life Coffee Machine

This device is a product of the Italian company Simonelli, manufactured in Italy, and comes in the Appia Life model with two groups. The Simonelli espresso machine operates automatically and has an 11-liter capacity.

The body of this product is made of stainless steel and plastic, with dimensions of 50*54.5*78.4 and weighs approximately 54 kilograms.

Hobby Espresso Machine

Hobby Espresso Machine

The "Hobby" model is a quiet and energy-efficient device suitable for home and workplace use. This device has a high power output and becomes operational in a short amount of time. The Hobby espresso machine has a built-in water source and allows you to prepare 20 to 25 double espresso shots per hour. The "Beezra Hobby" device features an industrial portafilter and is equipped with a magnetic pump. It is constructed from stainless steel and is available in red and black colors.

Espresso coffee machine

Espresso coffee machine

This product is one of the most popular espresso machines that are used not only in many coffee shops but also in many homes and offices. The reason is its reasonable price and small volume.
The body of this product is made of steel and it can be turned on and off easily with the key placed on it.

Coffee Machine Iberital IB7

Coffee Machine Iberital IB7

This espresso machine can be considered as one of the semi-professional espresso machines that, in addition to quality, have many uses and are used to prepare all kinds of simple and mixed coffees. The coffees prepared with this coffee machine retain their natural taste.
One of the advantages of lberital Espresso maker model lb7 is its easy to use and it is turned on by pressing a button and delivers an espresso with a great taste within a few minutes.

Astoria Tanya R Coffee Machine

Astoria Tanya R Coffee Machine

This coffee machine belongs to the category of espresso machines and has a power of 2800 watts and a voltage of 230 volts. The capacity of these boilers is 10.5 liters and the dimensions of this device are about 71.5 x 51.5 x 53.5 cm.
The weight of the device is 55 kg and it has 2 groups. Most of these espresso machines have a thermo plastic body. Other positive features of this coffee machine include the tank water control system, automatic water extraction system, internal pump and electric controller to adjust the coffee water temperature.

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The products mentioned above can be considered as the most basic coffee machines, which are purchased according to the menu, budget and space of the coffee shop.

Some examples of chiller used in coffee shop equipment

Some examples of functional freezers in coffee shops

In the table below, you can see the complete information of all types of freezers:

  • chest freezer 180 cm(BJY-CFSD700A)
  • chest freezer 160 cm(BJY-CFSD600A)
  • chest freezer 148 cm(BJY-CFSD500A)
  • chest freezer 110 cm(BJY-CFSD400A-R6)
  • chest freezer 80 cm(BJY-CFSD300A-R6)
  • chest freezer 80 cm 154 liter(BJY-CFSD200A-R6)
  • chest freezer 55 cm(BJY-CFSD100A-R6)
Temperature°C (celsius)< 0 to -18< 0 to -18< 0 to -18< 0 to -18< 0 to -18< 0 to -18< 0 to -18
Gross Capacity (L)100157227327423520600
Net Capacity (L)100154194279383474545
Compressor Power (Watt)110140165195270325375

Gross Weight (kg)

Net Weight (kg)28.0034.5038.5046.5061.0070.0074.00

Some freezers are very suitable for storing all kinds of ice cream and have the ability to adjust the temperature. You can see a list of ice cream freezers below:

Another essential equipment in every juice shop and coffee shop is an ice cream machine, which we will learn about two types of.

Two samples of the highest quality ice cream making machines

Ice Cream Machine Table Top

Ice Cream Machine Table Top

Like the standing machine, the desktop ice cream machine maintains the temperature between -7 and -8 degrees and can be on for 24 hours without stopping. This product is easy to use and has three levers. The tabletop ice cream machine is made in China.

Ice Cream Machine with Stand

Best Ice Cream Machine with Stand-MK25CA

This standing ice cream machine is one of the most practical devices in any coffee shop and can produce a large number of ice creams without stopping.
This device keeps the temperature from -7 to -8 degrees Celsius and is made in China.

In addition to coffee, many coffee shops also serve other cold drinks, so they need ice machines.
Buying each model of ice machine and choosing them depends on the budget, space and amount of order. Usually, in large and busy coffee shops, ice makers with more ice production capabilities are used.

An example of ice makers in coffee shops is as follows:

Types of coffee grinders and their uses

Coffee grinders are produced in different types and available in the market, each of which has a specific application and capacity, and customers can buy any of them according to their needs.
You can see some examples of the best-selling coffee grinders below:

Types of blenders needed for coffee shops

Blenders are among the most important equipment of coffee shops, along with various coffee makers and coffee grinders, and are used for purposes such as preparing a combination of fruits. One of the uses of this device is to prepare banana milk, potion or to prepare various fruit juices.
Blenders used in homes have differences with coffee shop blenders because the capacity and production power of the devices used in coffee shops must be greater to meet customer needs.
You can see an example of the most commonly used conditioners below:

All kinds of juice dispensers for hotels and coffee shops

In many hotels and coffee shops, juice dispensers are used to store all kinds of fruit juice. This useful device is produced and marketed in one tank, two tank and three tank types, and it can be one of the most essential coffee equipment. Count shops. The juice dispenser prevents the juice from settling and keeps the juice cold.
You can store all kinds of fruit juice in it for a long time, for example from morning to night.
Below you can see the types of juice dispenser.

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