Our customer services

Our Service Support team is always at your complete disposal for they can be easily contacted either by phone or email to give you after sales service as well as technical support.

We likewise offer all-inclusive maintenance contracts tailored to clients specific needs.

Design and surveying services

Al-Saed Company with a professional team in measurement and design will offer you the design within 24 hours from your first request.

Informed and knowledge-based design according to the laws of each region.

Product training

At Al-Saed Company Support Centre, you can receive product training and maintenance training guides from our experts by contacting or sending WhatsApp and contacting them directly.

Product delivery

Shipping products to all parts of the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia and GCC countries can be done with just one call to our company in three ways (land, air, and sea).

Contact with us

For consultation, call + 968- 72769899.


Execution and commissioning services

In the implementation and commissioning of the restaurant, Al-Saed Company, by sending supervisors and specialized personnel to monitor the implementation process of the plans and all stages of decor, layout and equipment of the restaurant, takes an important step towards implementing the equipment standard, controlling and eliminating defects.

And finally, with a complete test of all equipment for preparation, cooking, washing, cleaning and…, announces the reopening and opening of the restaurant to the restaurant manager.

After sales services and warranty

Due to the progress of the industry and the use of advanced equipment and machinery in industrial kitchens for optimal use and prevention of device failure, You will need constant support, so after the project is completed and launched, after-sales service will be provided to customers in relation to the purchased item.