How to start a coffee shop?

coffee shop

To start a coffee shop, you need to first identify your goal. Know your customers' needs and preferences. Whatever your plans for starting and running your cafe, you must search for your specific customers.

While you may have your own preferences regarding the ambiance and appearance of your coffee shop, amenities, menu and pricing list, service, opening hours, and so on, you should first and foremost pay attention to your customers' needs. Students, employees, mothers and children, retirees - every age group and all individuals need to be fully considered through planning during the work process. And you have to decide whether to provide service to all people or only a certain portion of them.

coffee shop

For example, students may need a fast food service with take-out food, a complete and exciting menu, a strange and lively atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, and reasonable prices.

In contrast, a group of wealthy mothers may be willing to pay more for better service, a suitable environment for children, more amenities, and a family-oriented menu. Put your preferences aside and focus on the needs of the cafe from the perspective of your customers.

What items will you include on your menu? Coffee/latte/espresso:

Every successful coffee shop must have an espresso maker, even though this option has many difficulties, including expensive equipment, barista costs, etc. But in the long run, it will be very profitable.

To have a unique coffee shop, it is necessary to use the highest quality coffee beans. Therefore, it is better to find an excellent source for obtaining it before opening your cafe.

Sandwiches and pastry:

If you are located near offices or hotels, having a simple menu will make people come to your coffee shop during their breaks. Usually...

Desserts, cakes, and pastries: everyone loves sweets. Cakes are among the staple items in coffee shops, so include them in your menu. Note that you'll need a powerful refrigerator and ventilation system to comply with health regulations and prevent unexpected damage.

Industrial blender for coffee shop:

In 2019, a survey of consumers showed that 38% of café customers order more blended drinks.

To take advantage of this trend, you'll need at least one blender. It's best to buy equipment that won't break down when your store makes hundreds of frozen drinks daily.

Water filtration system:

To extend the life of your espresso machine and improve the taste of your coffee (which can have up to a 98% impact), you'll need to add a good water filtration system to your list.

Don't forget that if the mineral content of your water is too high, it can damage your equipment.

Industrial toaster for  coffee shop:

Most coffee shops serve breakfast sandwiches or at least bread and pastries, which means you'll need a reliable toaster.

According to a survey, at least 60% of coffee shops have a toaster or oven, so you need to think about a reliable way to prepare food quickly.


Finally, print advertising and social media are suitable environments to promote your café.

Share your services with attractive and high-quality images on social networks and encourage users to visit your café.

Advertising and marketing play a very important role in attracting customers, so don't overlook them. After going through all the steps mentioned, you can now open your coffee shop and start working.

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