The most important cooking equipment in industrial kitchens

The most important cooking equipment in industrial kitchen

The most important cooking equipment in industrial kitchens

The most important cooking equipment in industrial kitchens are those used for food preparation and cooking. Equipping an industrial kitchen is crucial because it provides the tools for kitchen staff to work efficiently and ensures their safety. Therefore, careful consideration and attention to detail are necessary when selecting industrial kitchen equipment to achieve the best results.

Familiarity with Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment, specific to industrial kitchens, is used for the preparation and cooking of various dishes. These cooking equipment can be electric or gas-powered. To achieve high-quality food in an industrial kitchen, having food preparation equipment alone is not sufficient. Therefore, using cooking equipment, which falls under a broad category of industrial kitchen equipment, is essential for preparing high-quality dishes. This equipment includes steam ovens, various types of gas stoves with four burners, two burners, and custom-made burners available as tabletop and stand-alone units, as well as various other equipment that helps with frying and cooking in restaurants and fast-food establishments.
Industrial kitchen cooking equipment is available in two forms: imported and locally produced, with companies like Alsaad providing these products.

Types of Cooking Equipment in Industrial Kitchens

In general, cooking equipment includes industrial gas stoves, kebab grills, deep fryers, grills, and all appliances that cook and prepare the primary ingredients for various dishes. The diversity of these devices varies depending on the type of food being prepared. For instance, the equipment used for traditional cuisine differs significantly from the equipment used for fast food and sandwich making. While many people think that the skill of chefs is what makes a difference in the taste of the dishes, the impact of cooking equipment is undeniable.
Factors like the amount of heat applied to the food and more are elements that aren't under the control of the chef. Only a standardized appliance can replicate the criteria set in the chef's mind for cooking a delicious meal. Older cooking equipment also had limited capabilities, and chefs relied on their experience to control the heat. Nowadays, there is specialized equipment available for cooking any type of dish, and their settings can be easily controlled.
In general, to set up a medium-sized restaurant, you would need industrial kitchen equipment such as the following: industrial gas stoves, rice steamer, rice pot, combination stove, rice cooking pot, convection oven, flat and grooved grills, industrial wok, kebab grill, stew pot, warming cabinet, deep fryer, and more.

Kitchen Cooking Equipment for Restaurants and Fast Food

Kitchen cooking equipment is considered the most essential factor for preparing food in a restaurant. It doesn't matter how large your restaurant is; you still need certain cooking and food preparation equipment to deliver the best quality food in the shortest time and with the least amount of energy. It's important to note that there is a significant difference between the equipment used in traditional restaurants and fast food establishments. While some industrial cooking equipment may be used in both types of establishments, the two worlds are different. Generally, industrial restaurant equipment is expected to prepare food in a home-cooked style for customers, while fast food cooking equipment is expected to prepare fast food in the shortest time possible.


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