The most delicious Kebabs in the world

The most delicious Kebabs in the world

Kebab Koobideh is The most delicious Kebabs in the world
Kebab Koobideh is one of the most original and popular Asian dishes. Kebab is one of the most popular and delicious dishe that have many fans in different parts of the world. This delicious food from the time of cooking and while cooking, has a very pleasant smell that takes your mind off. In fact, kebab is a meat that is cooked slowly on a flame. To do this, the meat is skewered or placed on a wire rack. The method of cooking and the additives used to flavor the meat are different in different parts of the world and have caused a variety of flavors in the best kebabs in the world.

The word barbecue that we are familiar with today includes various methods such as grilling, putting on fire and stone braziers.


Cooking Equipment

The United States can be considered the world's leading kebab cooker. One of the most famous kebabs in America is barbecue. Barbecue is a regular part of American entertainment and picnics. Just like kebab chicken for the Arab people! The people of this area have special skills in making it. Of course, getting Arabian' attention with American kebabs is not an easy task. Asia is also one of the continents where all kinds of kebabs are cooked.

  • Asado:

 It is one of the most famous types of kebabs that is cooked in Argentina. The people of Argentina are very dependent on this food. Argentines consume more red meat than anyone else in the world. Red meat is a staple of many of their dishes. Asado is a barbecue that has a perfect selection of potatoes, corn and...

  • Doner Kebab:

Few people have not eaten this unique and delicious kebab. Doner Kebab or Turkish Kebab is a type of kebab that is obtained by cutting meat that has been grilled vertically from a skewer and sits on the table.

Doner in Turkish means rotating and doner means kebab is the same as rotating kebab. The best kebab doner is made from lamb, which is very popular in European countries.

This kebab is usually served with a delicious salad of onion, parsley and sumac. You can eat and enjoy the most famous kebab donor in the world from Mustafa chain restaurants in all the tourist countries of the world.

Shawarma Doner Kebab
  • Yakitori Kebab:

Yakitori is one of the most famous types of kebabs in the world, which is made in Japan. To cook this kebab, chicken is cut into pieces and skewers are used with a stick. The skewers are then placed on charcoal to roast the chicken. Yakitori is one of the healthiest kebabs in the world.

yakitori kebab.
  • Iranian Kebab:

It is interesting to know that Kobideh Kebab is one of the most popular kebabs in the international level and Persian Kebab has its own ups and downs. The golden key to making this style of kebab is to skewer it, which is sometimes not easy for beginners. To prepare this kebab, according to the quality and price of first-class mutton, choose the best option, make plenty of onions available and use tomatoes, green peppers and oranges as a side or side dish next to the kebab. In some Middle Eastern cultures, shredded kebabs are served with yogurt sauce. If you think this flavor is right for your taste or your guests, you can also use this sauce.

  • Kebab Chicken Tikka:

If you’ve traveled to India, you’ve probably heard the name Tikka Kebab or you may even have tried it. This kebab is one of the traditional Indian kebabs that is made from chicken breast. The Indians soak the chicken breasts in the delicious Tika Kebab sauce to get a good taste. This type of kebab should be grilled quickly and served hot. Kebab Tika chicken is served with rice and vegetables; Of course, the Indians themselves go for this delicious kebab with other Indian side dishes.

  • Greek lamb kebab:

The Greeks are famous for their delicious food and special spices. Greek lamb kebab with pita bread and special sauce is one of the best and fastest dishes in this country, which is very easy to use due to its sandwich. In order for this food to look and taste great, it is better that the size of the length of the kebab is the same as the length of the pita bread, so that when it separates from the skewer, it easily fits into the shape of the pita bread. It is interesting to know that we do the same thing in Iran; The length of the shredded kebab is usually the same as the length or width of the lavash or taffeta bread to be placed.

  • Thai kebabs

Delicious Thai dishes such as soups and curries use pieces of meat and chicken, but the best way to enjoy Thai meat is to use them in delicious kebabs. Walking through the streets of various cities in Thailand, you will see many carts selling street food and, most importantly, kebabs. In these kebabs, the meat is flavored in sweet soy sauce and then grilled on charcoal. Grilling meat on the fire has long been one of the most popular dishes and there are few people who do not eat this delicious food.



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