10 advantages of an industrial kebab machine:

10 advantages of an industrial kebab machine:

Despite the fact that no oil is used in kebab cooking, the best way to cook kebab is by grilling. However, if kebab is prepared under improper conditions, it can be very damaging.

In the past, fire was used for kebab cooking, but problems such as high pollution, slow speed, especially for restaurants and times when the number of skewers was high, and also the difficulty of cooking, created the need for a machine to solve these problems.

One of the main problems in minced kebab cooking is skewering the kebab. This can be difficult for people who lack skills because the meat does not stick to the skewer and falls onto the coal, resulting in wasted kebab. Even if someone has expertise in this area, they cannot skewer a large number of skewers quickly. However, for busy restaurants, halls, and kebab shops where a large number of kebabs need to be prepared in a specific time, speed is very important. Therefore, kebab skewer machines have been designed and produced for home and industrial use. These machines prepare a large number of kebab skewers in a short time.


In the current situation of restaurants after the spread of the coronavirus, this machine is the best tool for preparing minced kebab and Bonab kebab while observing hygiene principles in the fastest and shortest time possible. It is suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, catering, self-service university canteens, municipalities, and large offices.

In this article, we will read about the advantages of using this machine.

  • The main issue in preparing ready-to-cook foods is observing hygiene. In manual skewering of minced kebab, the probability of contamination is very high, and in short-term cooking of kebab, these contaminations do not go away, and using them for a large number of consumers can be risky. Using an electric kebab machine, this can be done without manual intervention, making it completely hygienic.
  • Another important advantage of this device is the reduction in labor costs. In this method, not only is human labor not used for skewering, but also fewer mistakes will occur and all kebabs will be produced in one size.
  • This device facilitates the quick skewering, cooking, and preparation of kebabs, performing these tasks uniformly and with excellent quality at a faster speed.
  • Based on precise measurements of the amount of meat and the dimensions of the kebab, all kebab skewers are prepared with the electric kebab machine in the same and completely uniform size
  • The kebab machine is portable, so it can be placed in the kitchen according to the arrangement of other equipment.
  • Preventing meat from falling off skewers and ruining kebab: This device uses appropriate molds for skewering and applies sufficient pressure. This causes the meat to be completely placed on the skewer and thus prevents kebab from falling off. Techniques used in skewering kebab are also easier to perform when using this device, such as wetting the kebab and skewer.
  • Customer satisfaction: By using this device and speeding up the kebab cooking process and delivering orders without wasting time, customers will be satisfied with you and thus become your regular customers.
  • A restaurant or industrial kitchen may have several types of kebabs in different weights and shapes on their menu. Therefore, it is not possible to use only one type of mold for skewering kebab and the need to change the mold according to customer demand is essential. In some models of kebab machines, the possibility of changing the mold from 70 grams to 240 grams is provided. For skewering kebabs such as Lule kebab, it is necessary to skewer 70 grams of minced meat, but with this feature, the kebab sword of Bonab, which weighs about 240 grams, can be skewered using this device.
  • Having a timer for warming up and keeping meat warm: This feature in industrial kebab machines prevents waste of time in warming up the meat and keeps the ground meats warm automatically until it's time to skewer them.
  • Equipped with an automatic counter: At times when you have a large number of kebab orders, by registering the desired number of skewers, you can deliver them to your customer in just a few minutes after passing through the device. The kebab machine can deliver at least 900 kebab skewers to you per hour.

Finally, if you want to cook kebab, you can use the Kebab maker device...


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